Our Mission. To Help Kids Build Strong Foundations to Make Future Decisions.

Making good decisions in life typically stems from one's environment; the foundation set in a kid’s life is vital to their success. Team work, communication, determination, high self-esteem and discipline are all valuable assets and qualities necessary in one's daily living and when playing sports. Sports is a great avenue for kids to learn these skills to become productive citizens. According to research organized sports increases social skills, develop cognitive abilities, improves academic performance and their general health.

Kimone Hall

BA – Psychology, M.Ed- Special Education,

Ed.S- Organizational Leadership

Occupation – Teacher-  Middle School

Kimone has been working with the team for the past year assisting in developing fundamental skills and abilities in youth cricket. She enjoys watching them as they showcase their new skills. Her passion for youth development is further fueled by the encouraging signs displayed by the players as evidenced in their enthusiasm and love for the game.  Kimone views these early positive results as a solid foundation which can blossom into possibilities that parents and kids can only imagine.  She is passionate about providing for others and the mobile food pantry is one of her life goals.


We would like to thank our sponsors/contributors:

  • Mr. William Skinner- President of Georgia Supreme Cricket League (GSCL)

  • J&P Construction and Remodeling

  • Noel Williams- Member of Tropical Sports Club.

  • Enos Phillips- Member of Tropical Sports Club. 

  • Al Givance- Member of Tropical Sports Club.

  • Greater Youth of America, LLC

  • Yemi Adekunle - Solid Source Realty (678-978-6577)

Junior Williams
Head Coach

Junior Williams is a former Jamaica national cricketer who represented his country and local Jamaican club Kensington with distinction.  He had stints in Wellington, New Zealand as a first class player and coach before settling in East Atlanta Georgia.  He is one of the five founding members of Tropical Sports Club and captained the cricket team which enjoyed multiple years of Championships under his leadership.  A shrewd cricketing brain with an excellent track record of spotting and developing talent.  A fast bowler by trade but is knowledgeable in all aspects of the game.

Wendy Evans.jpg
Wendy Evans
Registered Nurse/Mentor

Wendy Evans has been a Registered Nurse for 19 years.  She has worked in quite a few  areas of nursing including medical-surgical, long-term care, hospice, and home health.  Currently, she is a school nurse and have been working with the Dekalb County Board of Education for the past 5 years in the same capacity.  She has a Bachelor's  degree  in Child Development and a Bachelor's  degree in nursing as well.  At present time, she is pursuing a Master's  degree in Public Health with goals of becoming an integral part of the health care community where she  intends on becoming a leader who advocates, and collaborate with fellow members of the healthcare society as well as policy-makers for positive changes and improvement in healthcare.   She is dedicated to God, her husband of 14 years, and her 2 young sons.  Her intention is to continue to work with those who are interested in the health and wellness of the future generation.

Edgar Benjamin
Assistant Coach

Edgar Benjamin

Father of three children and three grandchildren. Married and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is a former High School Educator who presently works in the Engineering Plastic Industry.  Edgar played cricket at high school, college and minor club levels in Jamaica. He also Coached cricket at the High School and minor club level and is also an avid reader with major interest in Astrophysics and a great love for domino.